K-Pop Tournament

K-POP Tournament 2018 – All You Need to Know

We have launched our first K-Pop Tournament since 2015, involving 64 of the most renowned Boy Groups that are still active, and 64 of the most renowned Girl Groups that are still active. 


The winner of our very first K-Pop Tournament in 2015 was SHINHWA, who battled hard against AoA in the final. Third and Fourth places went to Topp Dogg and APINK.

K-Pop Tournament 2018 - Shinhwa
Shinhwa are the first and only winners of the tournament since its inception in 2015.

How Does The Tournament Work?

The tournament is set-up in the same way as most tournaments are (such as a tennis tournament). Rather than draw the match-ups randomly, we have seeded entrants based on their popularity to determine their positions in the First Round.

In order to vote on the tournament, you need to follow our Facebook Page here: https://www.facebook.com/kville.entertainment/

We have set up polls on Facebook where you can vote for whichever group you would like to see advance through to the next round. However, we could only post a certain amount of polls for each period. This means that once this round of voting is over, we can add the next polls.

Here Is The Layout Of The Tournament:

K-Pop Tournament 2018 (Bracket One)

K-Pop Tournament 2018 (Bracket Two)

K-Pop Tournament 2018 (Bracket Three)

K-Pop Tournament 2018 (Bracket Four)

What Does The Winning Group Win?

  1. A MASSIVE album giveaway for their fans with multiple winners.
  2. An Evolution Video on our YouTube and Facebook Page.
  3. Our social media banners changed to commemorate their win.
  4. A place on our website as the 2018 Champions for the whole year.
  5. A position in our history books as one of the champions.

When Will The Girl Group Tournament Begin?

The voting for the Girl Group Tournament will commence immediately after the Boy Group tournament has finished and the winner is finalised.

The Winning Girl Group and Boy Group Will Face Each Other In The Grand Final of the Tournament!

Let us know in a comment below if you have any other queries about this tournament.