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Review: “Starry Night” by Mamamoo – ⭐⭐⭐⭐


Masters of a wide range of concepts, the members of Mamamoo always leave us guessing what they’ll go for in their next release. Regardless of the song’s style, though, you can count on a few things: the vocals will be on point, and the members will bring massive personality to their performances. These elements make every Mamamoo release a joy, first the anticipation and ultimately the satisfying follow-through. I’ve been an avid follower since “Decalcomanie” and have not been disappointed with their newest release, ‘Yellow Flower,’ in particular the title track, “Starry Night.” Although I’ll discuss “Starry Night” here, it’s worth noting the EP comes with dual music videos and the second one, “Star Wind Flower Sun” provides a captivating ballad and heartfelt music video.


Not fitting neatly into a genre, the track is distinctly Mamamoo. First, it pulls you in with lulling Spanish guitar, and from there it carries a fluid energy, beautifully ebbing and flowing to provide room for the vocals before rising to an energetic chorus. These factors combine to make for an easy listen.

If the song itself were insufficient, there’s still the music video, which is, in a word, gorgeous. K-pop music videos generally demand visual acuity, but I can confidently say this is another level. From vast vistas to crepuscular coves, hidden forests to lonesome wastes, stunning backdrops abound. Transitions elegantly carry the camera between scenes and the use of color in each shot is magnificent. The settings are filled with contrasting vibrant and dim colors, making the video a real treat.


A solid release from what I think I can by now confidently call a veteran group. I’ll definitely be listening to “Starry Night” far into 2018.