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REVIEW: “Dreams Come True” by WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – ⭐⭐⭐1/2

Cosmic Girls are a girl group I truly hope blows up into the top tier of K-Pop groups. I remember their song “Secret” being one of the most phenomenal pieces of music brought out in 2016, and have been waiting for something to come close to that quality from WJSN since then. While “Dreams Come True” doesn’t quite live up to that standard, it’s still a darn nice song. 

WJSN Cosmic Girls Dreams Come True

After experimenting with the cute cheerleading concept for their song “Happy“, WJSN have made the right choice to return to the concept that made them popular to begin with. While it’s a good thing to venture out and try new concepts, it was clear that they suited the ‘ethereal’ concept better than any group out there. Dreams Come True is a testament to how much they suit it, as it stacks up as another notch on their beautiful music video belt.

As for the song, I would rate it as really good. That’s it. It simply doesn’t stand out amongst some of their other dreamy releases; but it does makes a fine addition to them. It’s a beautiful song to listen to, just not very unique.

What they excel at (usually) is having some of the best music videos of the year. This year they have kind of achieved that. There are hits and misses in this one. Sometimes the filter over the girls looks way overdone (obviously on purpose, but to the detriment of their beauty). I also feel some of the locations just don’t look nice, even with incredible visual effects added to the surrounds. The lightning bolts during the ending sequence looked marvellous though, making the whole journey through the song feel that much more epic.

WJSN Dreams Come True Lightning

Dreams Come True may end up being one of the better songs released in 2018, but for now I’ll file it under the “good releases” list. While not living up to the potential of WJSN, it’s a nice song that they can still be proud.