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REVIEW: “Baby Don’t Stop” by NCT U – ⭐⭐⭐1/2

NCT U has grown to new heights since their release of “Boss” this year. While that song wasn’t quite my cup of tea, I definitely enjoyed their newest release a lot more. “Baby Don’t Stop” is very similar with its strong bass and heavy focus on style and dancing, but it has a couple of extra additions that make it quite entertaining to listen to. 

Ten Baby Don't Stop NCT U

First off, I have to say that the music video is fantastic. Its transitions are brilliant, the choreography is inventive, and I especially love the choices for outfits and colours used throughout. It truly compliments the song, even uplifting it at times (particularly towards the ending sequence).

As for the song itself, I’ll admit I didn’t like it on my first listen. It sounded very similar to Boss for me, so it felt like, “here we go again, another NCT song”. Upon listening to it again and again, I was overcome by its catchiness. Before I knew it, the song was stuck in my head. The vocals and rapping are really good, and I particularly love the composition of the music starting from the second chorus.

NCT U Taeyong Ten Baby Don't Stop
Ten & Taeyong Making People Faint

With all that being said, it still isn’t a song I’d go out of my way to download. It’s catchy, visually gorgeous and entertaining, but not “great” in my eyes.