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JUNKY GREY Debut With Soul-Touching Rock Song, ‘Grey Desert’


Fans of Korean rock and indie music can rejoice with the debut of the duo that makes up Junky Grey. Their brand new song, ‘Grey Desert’, is perfect to listen to during times in your life when you’re feeling sombre, melancholy, or even in moments of deep reflection.

As a massive fan of indie music myself (and as someone who happens to brood a lot), I find Grey Desert to be a breath of fresh air that may help people deal with troublesome emotions. I’m particularly taken by the beautiful melody played by guitarist Bi Suhyun. This is one of those songs where the instrumental music alone is powerful enough to convey those strong feelings. Leader singer, Toa, also has a rich voice filled with passion that elevates the song to a higher level.

You can purchase their new song on iTunes!