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K.A.R.D Continue to Evolve with New Song, ‘You In Me’

K.A.R.D is one of my personal favourite groups that emerged last year. Bringing a fresh air and unique style (at the time), they quickly flourished to be one of the most popular K-Pop acts among international fans.

With their newest addition to their consistently great discography, they show that they are listening to what the fans want. With ‘You In Me’, they have shown a much darker, sombre and more serious side to their personalities and style. Being plagued with criticisms for producing music that sounds too similar to their last release, ‘You In Me’ comes as a statement that says they can do anything, and do it well.

This is probably my favourite song that K.A.R.D has released thus far in their career, followed closely by their biggest hit, ‘Don’t Recall’, which currently has over 36 million views on YouTube. That is an incredible achievement for a rookie group; particularly a co-ed group.

As for the success of ‘You In Me’, I am unsure as to whether it will build more hype for the group or expand their fanbase much further. Dark concepts very rarely become smash-hits for artists, as casual K-Pop fans tend to go for lighter and entertaining concepts.

For this fan, ‘You In Me’ has proven that K.A.R.D has what it takes to tackle any concept and make something great with it. Let us pray they never attempt a cute concept though.