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Dreamcatcher “Flies Higher” Than Ever

Get pumped everyone, because Dreamcatcher is back to rock the K-pop world with another thrilling release!  The group has netted a devoted and growing fan base (including several K-Ville staff members) since debuting as Happy Face Entertainment’s modified and re-branded version of Minx earlier this year.  Blending rock music into a choreography-driven girl group format, these seven members have occupied a unique niche on the K-pop scene.  Now, they’re back with ‘Prequel,’ a mini-album to supplement their two singles released earlier this year, ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Fall Asleep in the Mirror.’  Here is what I have to say about their latest title track, “Fly High.”



I can scarcely express how exciting it is to hear the sort of variety Dreamcatcher brings to K-pop.  Although, many of their songs may have similar musical qualities, their work as a whole stands out from the majority of K-pop groups.  In K-pop there are a number of idol groups and a fair number of rock bands, but the mix of the two into a girl group is something rarer.  “Fly High” is an exhilarating track driven by guitars and drums that even delves into some light metal at a few points.  This song is a very easy listen as you’ll find yourself jamming along to the high-octane energy of the music.



Boldly telling a story of uncontrollable desire and self-sacrifice, “Fly High” follows a girl’s destructive obsession.  Erecting a fantasy around her love, a “thorny rose” who will “take all [her] dreams” and “pain,” she gives up herself and allows a “big black hole [to form] in [her] heart.”  To reach a non-existent paradise at the end of the “rainbow,” “drenched in seven lights,”  the girl loses sight of reality and is consumed by the pull of her love.  This sad tale ends with a cold, dark loneliness that warns against harming oneself inadvertently or otherwise and leaves you sympathizing for her plight.



In “Fly High,” the singers embody a lively spirit that fluidly carries along the atmosphere conveyed by the music.  The vocals are heavily dominated by lead vocalist Yoohyun and main vocalist Siyeon, together comprising about two thirds of the track.  Although hearing more from the other members would be superb, this statistic is not a horrific occurence.  These two members’ work gives the song a solid core, which, complemented by the others’ vocals, possesses the perfect emotions for this release.



Don’t let the fact that Dreamcatcher lacks massive popularity make you think they can’t dance like the best of them.  These girls’ perfectly synchronized movements are a wonder to behold as they follow the fast-paced music, hitting every beat right on the mark.  As each member takes her turn sliding into the center, the others beautifully mimic her moves, letting her shine but acting as one unit.  It would be a crime to miss out on this amazing choreography, so I implore you to watch one of the group’s numerous live performances (like the one right below!).  Rarely do the movements of a song catch my eye so intently, so I believe you will truly miss out on the complete experience if you don’t view the full choreography.

Music Video

Haunting yet gorgeous, this music video could not be better suited to the track.  In the same way the song alternates between themes of idyllic dreams and dismal realities, so too does the video flip from grim and creepy scenes to dance sequences on sunny outdoor locales.  The numerous scenes of a lone member running endlessly reflect the hopelessness of the protagonist’s situation in the vocals, culminating in the closing of a gate at the end of the video, matching the somber close to the song.


Final Score

Music                              9.5/10

Lyrics                              10/10

Vocals                             6.5/10

Choreography              10/10

Music Video                   9/10

Total                       90/100