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Park Boram’s Vocals are Stellar on Her ‘Orange Moon’

Renowned soloist Park Boram‘s second EP, ‘Orange Moon,’ has dropped, and the Kpop world is undoubtedly the better for it.  Even better, she’s not alone.  Never one to disappoint with featured artists, this time around Samuel Seo accompanies her on the EP’s title track “Why, You?”  Here’s my take on the song.




With mellow R&B overtones bolstered by a subtle air of dance, the music to “Why, You?” is perfectly tailored to the rest of the song.  Electronic musical/dance interludes fill the space between verses that themselves are filled with subtle piano and light drums.  The sound elegantly flows between moods, taking a soothing, supportive, and almost silent role behind the vocals, but a more refreshing and prominent spot following the lyrics.  The music is so effective precisely because of its minimalism, leaving you a thread of ambient energy to follow through the song without bombarding you with ancillary elements.

An added bonus of the utilitarian musical style is that Park Boram‘s vocals shine through even clearer.  Her singing’s wistful quality hearkens back to the lyrics with emotional parallelism.  Although Samuel Seo‘s rapping towards the end does come somewhat abruptly, it possesses a soft quality that makes it work with the song.



Reminiscing, regretting, re-imagining.  “Why, You?” reflects on the torments our minds can play on us in remembering the past, the ever-painful question of “what if?”  Park Boram and Samuel Seo weave a tapestry representative of present anguish brought on by nostalgia.  While the song is explicitly about a relationship, its ideas are hardly that limited, for all too often “[we] never know when [we] have it good.”  Additionally, Park Boram‘s words of lonely lament verbalize the process of solitary longing that often occurs “with [our doors] locked.”



Much like the music to this track, the choreography is understated, smooth, and beautiful.  Segments alternate between backup dancers elegantly mimicking Park Boram‘s movements, and her performing a sensual choreographic duet.  My only gripe here is that the sexy vibe embodied by the dance does not suit the themes of quiet isolation that the song conveys.


Music Video

This music video is a true beauty.  Plain, yet complex, uneventful yet substantial, the production is an all-around beauty.  Perhaps most striking is the bold use of colors.  Distinct contrasting hues appear constantly, encompassing a wide chromatic palette and creating lovely, almost supernatural scenes.  Nestled between these colors is Park Boram, alternately gliding through the choreography or sullenly going through everyday tasks, superbly embodying the feelings of the lyrics.  The videos quiet beauty and sadness make for a splendid addition to the song.


Final Thoughts

“Why, You?” may not be the sort of song I’ll be listening to every day, but it is certainly one that I will return to fondly.  It is a track that works splendidly sans visual accompaniment, bringing cool serenity and making you wonder about your own history. Even though every element works handsomely on its own, in combination they form a more magnificent whole.

Final Score

Total                 86/100

Song                        9.5/10

Lyrics                     9/10

Vocals                     9/10

Choreography      6.5/10

Music Video          9/10