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KNK / 크나큰 are finally back again, illuminating our screens with their first comeback for 2017. Single album ‘Gravity’ brings us three new songs, along with the title track “해.달.별 (Sun.Moon.Star)”. We see KNK step away from the dance sparking beats toward a gentler romance within the realms of their R&B ballad. It is both refreshing and exhilarating to see them use a track more commonly placed within their albums as a title song. As I tend to gravitate towards this genre more often, it should come as no surprise that “Sun.Moon.Star” soared to the top of my list for this year; and all for good reason.


The lyrics confess the story of memories rising within the night sky, exposing the reality of an unforgettable love. These words play with the various aspects of a galaxy, designing a creative manipulation of the otherwise simplistic meaning of the song.

KNK also included purposeful wording that heightened the delivery of their vocals. This is especially evident within the verses, captivating you through Youjin’s single vocalisation of “네가”. Yet, I think the most notable feature of these harmonious vocals is Seungjun’s voice. Do not get me wrong, I could babble on about every members’ mesmerising vocals for an eternity, but Seungjun simply hit me like a meteor. This heavy voiced rapper delivered a dreamy tone that I thought was almost unimaginable. I can only hope that they continue to take advantage of both his abilities by incorporating it into their future songs.


As identified early in the production, KNK was inspired by the whimsical melody of some of my favourite HIGHLIGHT tracks. They achieved this and even took it a step further. “해.달.별” develops a sound that could only be referred to as their own by flawlessly unifying with the voice of KNK. This makes for an exquisite delivery which will replay in my mind for a long time to come.


Although I was disappointed about the members’ lack of contribution to the composition, I was quickly uplifted in regards to the choreography. Regularly choreographing the intro tracks for their albums, leader Jihun did not shy away from this opportunity. With motifs of delicately rising arms, chest rolls and an array of changes in levels and positions, Jihun exhibited his ability as a dancer and choreographer. It will be increasingly advantageous for KNK if this continues in their future comebacks.


Muted colours is something we have yet to see from a KNK music video. Differing from their usual darker tones, “Sun.Moon.Star” embodies an element of light, much like the illumination of the moon. The grey curtained pastels are as captivating as their unparalleled visuals, screenshotting your way to the final seconds. I particularly supported this change in aura due to its similarity to their personalities. There was always a level of difference between their on-stage charms and their touchy, radiant nature whilst together. Seeing this exhibited through their music video left me overjoyed. Although, I will never say no to a seductive KNK performance.


It is clear that the song “Sun.Moon.Star” has left me nothing less than greatly impressed. With its fanciful nature and milky vocals, I was imprisoned by its appeal. All I can hope for in the future is that their company takes advantage of Youjin and Heejun’s abilities for composing and release an album that is truly their own. There would be nothing better than an arrangement of songs with the members’ names filling the credits.


You too can support KNK by purchasing their albums through approved providers and streaming their music video on YouTube. And if you would like to purchase an all member signed copy of their album ‘Gravity’ you can do so here.

OVERALL 90/100

  • Production Quality: 8/10
  • Lyrical meaning: 9/10
  • Vocals: 9.5/10
  • Visuals & Theme: 9.5/10
  • Choreography: 9/10