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KIM LIP’s ‘Eclipse’ Brings Elegance to K-Pop

Kim Lip (of upcoming girl group LOOΠΔ) has surprised many K-Pop fans with her debut onto our computer screens and into our hearts. The girls of LOOΠΔ have been revealed one by one through separate solo MVs, duets and sub-units (such as LOOΠΔ 1/3). For the most part, they have all been relatively innocent, cute, fun and bubbly. Some of the members have truly shined with their respective songs (such as HaSeul and HeeJin), however, it is Kim Lip who has shone the brightest thus far in the series.

Eclipse is an elegant, sexy, addictive song that matches perfectly with the gorgeous red and black aesthetics within the music video. Before the group has debuted, we’ve gotten a taste of what’s to come from certain members. As a K-Pop fan that prefers a more mature approach to music, it was both refreshing and exciting to see such a song come out from the LOOΠΔ pre-debut series.

I would personally call this one of the best K-Pop releases of 2017. The cuter, light-hearted concepts have all been nice in their own way, but I for one embrace the more mature and elegant themes portrayed within Eclipse. Congratulations to Block Berry Creative for building up an insatiable excitement for their upcoming mega girl group. I have no doubt in my mind that LOOΠΔ will be a resounding success.

Kim Lip (of LOOΠΔ) Eclipse Debut Song